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Friday, December 21, 2018

Wriggins on Domestic Violence and Gender Equality

Jenny Wriggins has posted to SSRN Domestic Violence and Gender Equality:  Recognition, Remedy, and (Possible) Retrenchment.  The abstract provides:

This paper is based on the author's presentation at the gender equality symposium. Professor Wriggins connects domestic violence and gender equality before turning to some significant reforms of the U.S. legal system concerning domestic violence-all of them relatively recent. Moving on, she discusses her reflections on the 12-year law practice that informs her expertise before becoming a law professor and also her long involvement in the movement for LGBTQ equality. Drawing on that experience, Professor Wriggins shares firsthand views of some of the consequences of not having legal protections. Outlining some of the shortcomings and critiques of the reforms, she finally turns to the future-what the law would be wise to anticipate and to do.

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