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Monday, September 10, 2018

Verchick Podcasts on Climate Change Tort Litigation

Rob Verchick has edited two podcasts on climate change tort litigation for the Center for Progressive Reform.  He describes them as follows:

The episodes, which are part of CPR’s “Connect the Dots” with Rob Verchick, examine climate change tort lawsuits brought by municipalities against oil and gas companies for damages related to climate change impacts. 
Episodes 5 and 6 feature an interview with Kate Sears, a member of the Board of Supervisors for Marin County, California, which is part of the high-profile case against Chevron et al. over costs of preparing for climate change. (Sears is also a lawyer.) We discuss climate impacts in Marin, costs of climate adaptation, the oil industry’s early knowledge about climate impacts, federal and state common law theories, preemption, displacement, and removal to federal court—all while trying to keep the discussion engaging and accessible to a lay audience.
Episode 6, in addition to the interview with Sears, also features an interview with our friend Tom McGarity of U. of Texas about the evolution of tort law in climate litigation and the relationship between this and the tobacco litigation. Tom also weighs in on what a future "Justice Kavanaugh” might think about all this. 
Episode 5 is here.
Episode 6 is here.

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