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Thursday, February 16, 2017

KY: Med Mal Panel Bill "Idling in the House"

A bill to create med mal panels has, once again, been introduced in Kentucky:

The bill states that unless all parties involved agree to go directly to court, the complaint should be reviewed by an independent panel before it can move forward. The panel would consist of one attorney and three health care providers, with the attorney acting as the panel chairperson.

Once the panel is chosen, both parties may submit evidence to be reviewed. Two or more members of the panel must agree that evidence shows there was or was not malpractice.

The opinion will be issued within six months of the complaint being filed. That opinion can be used as evidence in the court if the case is able to move forward.

The bill passed the Senate in early January, but has made no progress in the House.  Legal NewsLine has the story.

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