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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Garlock Asbestos Order

Courtesy of Cary Sklaren, is the Order Estimating Aggregate Liability in the Garlock bankruptcy:  Download Garlock_Order_Estimating_Liability_12192013.  The judge estimated liability at $125M, about 1/10 of the requested amount.  In the course of a 65-page opinion, the judge wrote about multiple misrepresentations by plaintiffs' lawyers. 

Shortly, the Widener Law Journal will be publishing papers from the Perspectives on Mass Tort Litigation symposium held here last April.  Included will be a detailed article by Judge Eduardo Robreno (E.D. Pa.) explaining his methods for resolving gridlock in MDL-875, as well as articles on asbestos by Victor Schwartz & Mark Behrens and Todd Brown.


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