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Thursday, September 26, 2013

JETL: Tort Law and the Financial Crisis

Special Issue: Tort Law and the Financial Crisis 

Edited by Ernst Karner 


Ernst Karner  ‘Tort Law and the Financial Crisis: Basic Questions’ (2013) 2 JETL 119

Peter Loser  ‘Financial Crisis – The Liability of Banking Institutions’ (2013) 2 JETL 128

Alessandro Scarso  ‘The Liability of Credit Rating Agencies in a Comparative Perspective’ (2013) 2 JETL 163

Donal Nolan  ‘The Liability of Financial Supervisory Authorities’ (2013) 2 JETL 190

Jaap Spier ‘Balancing Acts: How to Cope with Major Catastrophes, particularly the Financial Crisis’ (2013) 2 JETL 223

Book Review:

Thomas Kadner Graziano ‘Ken Oliphant/Barbara Steininger (eds), European Tort Law – Basic Texts’ (2013) 2 JETL 240

You can order it here.


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