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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Farewell

For over six years, I've been contributing to the TortsProf blog.  (Really!  Here's my first post, back when I was the only contributor, making a sorta snarky observation about tort reform.) 

In the years since then, I've posted about countless issues, ranging from amusement park safety to confidentiality in mass torts to the actual provenance of asbestos websites.  In 2007, Chris and Sheila joined the blog, bringing a broad range of valuable content to the site, and, in 2009, when I became associate dean at Western New England, my blogging slowed (though it didn't quite stop).  Thanks to them, the blog has remained current and a reliable source of information for academics and practitioners alike.

It's been a great experience.  My blogging influenced my scholarship, it resulted in many press appearances (including providing [but not serving as] the punchline to a New York Times piece), it was fun, and it kept me connected to the real world of litigation.

And it is to that real world of litigation that I am returning.  Starting in August, I will be joining the Austin office of Bowman & Brooke as senior counsel.  Bowman & Brooke is a terrific Minnesota-based firm that focuses largely on products liability work, and I'll get to spend some time working out of their Minnesota office during summers.  Since I will no longer be a TortsProf, I will, naturally, no longer be posting here.  I may still be posting at; we'll figure that out at some point.

It has been a tough decision.  I have loved teaching at Western New England, and my family and I adore the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts.  But I have decided that legal education is no longer the business for me.  I am excited for the next professional challenge, and to be much nearer my family.  And for good tacos.

So: Thank you to Paul Caron and Joe Hodnicki, thanks to Chris and Sheila, and most of all, thanks to all of you, the readers.  Hearing from you -- even (especially!) when you disagreed -- was a genuine highlight of our endeavor.  You made me think harder.  If you find yourself in Austin, get in touch and I'll buy you a taco.  My permanent e-mail address is


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I was wondering why you didn't say "thanks for all the fish," but I suppose it's because we didn't give you squat in return for all the great content you've given us. It's been a great read for years and years. So, from us readers, thanks for all the fish!

Once you get settled in at your new job, let me know who some of your clients are so I can sue them as an excuse for us to chat torts over tacos.

Posted by: Max Kennerly | Mar 5, 2012 7:50:24 AM

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