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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A couple of amusement park safety updates

I just returned from a long trip with my kids, including a couple of stops at amusement parks (and one at the ever-amazing City Museum, which appears to have removed the signs criticizing lawyers who had sued it, much to my daughter's disappointment). 

Unfortunately, there have been some tragic events at parks lately; I've been posting about them at  Quick summaries are here, with more details at the blog:

  • Last week, Iraq War veteran Sgt. James Hackemer, who lost both of his legs in an explosion in the war, was thrown from Darien Lake's Ride of Steel roller coaster.  The ride uses a lap bar to keep riders in; it appears that Sgt. Hackemer's lack of legs likely contributed to the accident.  According to  the ride's safety warnings, riders are supposed to be required to have both legs, but Sgt. Hackemer was permitted to ride anyway; the local authorities have concluded that the park violated its own policies in permitting him to do so.  His family has publicly stated that they do not blame the park for his death.  Rep. Ed Markey (D. Mass.) has renewed his call for CPSC oversight of fixed-site amusement parks in response to the death.
  • Last month, eleven-year-old Abiah Jones fell to her death from a Ferris Wheel at Morey's Piers.  Her family has filed suit, alleging both a design defect and negligence in operation.


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