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Friday, March 19, 2010

Personal Injury Roundup No. 71 (3/19/2010)

A short week, since this is my spring break and I'm at the Cape (for the first time!).

Reform, Legislation, Policy

New Lawsuits

  • Walter Olson takes a preemptive strike against the Toyota suits, based in part on research done by Ted Frank.  (National Review Online; see also this Atlantic piece
  • In the dog-didn't-bark category (if that's the right use of that phrase), a couple of years ago, I did a much-linked-to post about a teen who was hit and killed by a roller coaster train after he jumped at least one fence, passing by fairly emphatic warning sign.  At the time, his survivors and their attorney were making noises as if a lawsuit was coming; so far as I can tell, that hasn't happened.


  • Interesting summary judgment reversal on a go-kart injury case (




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