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Friday, December 4, 2009

Personal Injury Roundup No. 59 (12/4/2009)

Classes ended this week at Western New England, and we had 60-degree weather too.  An odd juxtaposition.  It's a shorter roundup than usual, but still some good stuff:

Reform, Legislation, Policy

  • A RAND look at diagnosis in silicosis suits [TortsProf]
  • Tort reform and health care costs [Houston Chronicle]
  • ...and a back-and-forth about whether (and how much) tort reform is in the Obama health care plan [Point of Law
  • ...and one more thing about litigation-related matters in the health reform legislation [Progressive Fix, Overlawyered (which first covered this)
  • Crime and tort law - guest post from Jason Solomon [TortsProf]

New Lawsuits

  • Possible suit against Robin Williams for doing yet another movie filled with tired impressions alleged defamation against Brazil in connection with Rio getting the Olympics [
  • Not a new suit, but an interesting one involving slipping on water splashed out of a pool by a dolphin -- a suit that strangely parallels an exam I wrote a few years ago [Lowering the Bar]

Trials, Settlements and Other Ends


  • 5th Circuit allows a climate change lawsuit to proceed for now [USA Today]


  • Philly trial hits Pfizer in PremPro suit []

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