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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Krauss & Jones on Hines v. Garrett

The latest paper by Michael Krauss (George Mason), coauthored with Mason student William Jones, is a historical analysis of a case I used when practicing in Virginia and continue to use as a note case in the textbook I teach (Franklin, Rabin & Green).  Entitled Rape on the Washington Southern:  The Tragic Case of Hines v. Garrett, the abstract is below:

The judicial treatment of the tragic multiple rape of Julia Garrett, in wartime Virginia, offers interesting insights into a fascinating period in the jurisprudence of the Near-South. The economic emancipation of women and of blacks, the rapid urbanization of a heretofore rural area and the behavior of a government regulator were all backdrops for a battle royale over the meaning of "proximate cause."


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