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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Introducing Guest Blogger Keith Hylton

 HyltonMonday's Guest Blogger is Keith Hylton.   Hylton is currently the Honorable Paul J. Liacos Professor of Law at Boston University School of Law.  Hylton joined the BU Law faculty in 1995 after teaching for six years and receiving tenure at Northwestern University School of Law. At BU Law, he teaches courses in antitrust, torts and labor law.

Hylton's articles are too numerous to list here.  His 2008 publications alone include:  "Asbestos and Mass Torts with Fraudulent Victims," in Symposium on Perspectives on Asbestos Litigation, 37 Southwestern Law Review 575 (2008); "Due Process and Punitive Damages: An Economic Approach," in Symposium on Punitive Damages, 2 Charleston Law Review 345 (2008); "The Lawful Acquisition and Exercise of Monopoly Power and Its Implications for the Objectives of Antitrust," with David S. Evans, 4 Competition Policy International 203 (2008); "A Positive Theory of Strict Liability," 4 Review of Law & Economics 153 (2008); "Preemption and Products Liability: A Positive Theory," 16 Supreme Court Economic Review 205 (2008); "A Theory of Wealth and Punitive Damages," in Symposium on 'Crimtorts', 17 Widener Law Journal  (2008); "Unilateral Refusals to Deal and the Antitrust Modernization Commission Report," 53 Antitrust Bulletin 623 (2008); "Weyerhaeuser, Predatory Bidding, and Error Costs," 53 The Antitrust Bulletin 51 (2008); and "When Should a Case Be Dismissed? The Economics of Pleading and Summary Judgment Standards," 16 Supreme Court Economic Review 39 (2008). 

In addition, Hylton serves as co-editor of Competition Policy International and editor of the Social Science Research Network's Torts, Products Liability and Insurance Law Abstracts.

Hylton is also a former chair of the Section on Torts and Compensation Systems of the American Association of Law Schools, a former chair of the Section on Antitrust and Economic Regulation of the American Association of Law Schools, a former director of the American Law and Economics Association, a former secretary of the American Bar Association Labor and Employment Law Section, a former member of the editorial board of the Journal of Legal Education and a current member of the American Law Institute. 


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