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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Dead By Mistake"

From The Pop Tort comes word of a national investigative series by Hearst Publications on medical malpractice deaths.   Hearst explains the series in this way:

Dead by mistake, the comprehensive story you see on this web site, is the result of two things converging: a team of skilled and dedicated journalists from across Hearst newspapers and television stations, and a critical and neglected health care issue that dramatically affects hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. ....

Our team, which during the course of the project involved over 35 people - and an entire class of graduate journalism students at Columbia University, read thousands of pages of documents, disciplinary files, lawsuits, governmental, medical and other public and private reports. ....

We conducted several hundred interviews across the country, concentrating on a half dozen states. Journalists 3,000 miles apart coordinated their work and their findings. ...

In the process, we compiled and analyzed collectively nine databases, including hospital discharge records in four states, hospital administrative penalties, healthcare project research and whatever other available information we could find for the most comprehensive look at the issue undertaken to date. ....

 - SBS

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