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Friday, January 16, 2009

Personal Injury Roundup No. 21 (01/16/09)

I hope you enjoyed San Diego as much as I did.  It's really cold in Harrisburg.  In torts...

Reform, Legislation, Policy

  • Oregon state Senator calls for attention to tort reform in that state despite budget woes.  (LegalNewsline)
  • The first data stemming from D.C.'s new requirement to report medical errors is available.  A probe will determine whether some hospitals failed to comply.  (DC Examiner)
  • House passes SCHIP; Obama to sign it.  (HealthLawProf)

Trials, Settlements & Other Ends

  • Leaks that Eli Lilly will pay to settle Zyprexa suits prove to be true.  (ABA Journal)


  • Fifth Circuit:  Beryllium Sensitization is not a compensable injury in Mississippi.  (Steenson/Products Liability Prof)


  • Video marketing tips for Lawyers!! (
  • John Day provides statistics about med mal filings in Tennessee during the last year.  (Day on Torts)
  • A series of posts entitled "Anatomy of a California Product Liability Case" is at CalBizLit, via Olson/Point of Law.
  • "Some ignore law to prevent pools from being child deathtraps" (CNN)


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