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Saturday, December 27, 2008

China Prepares Tort Legislation

Tort legislation is now under consideration in the National Peoples' Congress.  From

The Beijing-based "Guang Ming Website" published a commentary saying that the long-awaited tort liability law will classify civil wrongs against persons or properties and protect people's rights from been violated.

The article argues that as a "Bible" to deal with civil wrongs, tort liability laws in western countries are specific to each corner of a person's daily life, yet the law in China has developed at a rather more laggardly pace.

In 2007, Chinese courts at all levels accepted 870,000 civil lawsuits. In the face of varied torts, the public are essentially in the dark when it comes to deciding the black and white of an issue, and the general confusion presents difficulties to judges and other law enforcement officials when they make a ruling.

The article praises the draft of the tort liability law, calling it a significant step to provide a comprehensive protection to people's physical and mental well-being and the security of an individual's property.


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