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Friday, October 10, 2008

Personal Injury Roundup No. 10 (10/17/08)

It's a beautiful week here in New England and it was a great week for me (if you'll pardon the self-congratulation), as my colleagues have voted to grant me tenure starting next academic year.  It was a lively week in TortLand, too...

Reform, Legislation, Policy

New Lawsuits

  • Six Flags wants to add more defendants in Kentucky Kingdom case; plaintiff undergoes another surgery []
  • Indianapolis Colts receiver Marvin Harrison apparently isn't facing criminal charges, but is getting sued for alleged role in a shooting []
  • Patients sue hospital for treatment by heroin-addicted doctor [Newsday]

Trials, Settlements & Other Ends

  • Three years after filing, lawsuit over alleged wrong color hair dye dismissed [AP]


  • Supreme Court sounds skeptical of FTC's role in "light" cigarette claims [SCOTUSblog, TortsProf]
  • Georgia Supreme Court permits thimerosal claim against Wyeth, rejects vaccine preemption argument [Pharmalot]
  • More about Levine and preemption more generally [Sebok @ Writ]


  • Tort lawyer by day, referee by...Sundays.  [TortsProf]
  • Medical blogger subpoenaed over comment [NY Personal Injury Blog]
  • "Yo-Yo" amusement ride (swinging chairs) recalled [CPSC]
  • Another amusement ride incident: Carny ride starts without warning; parent and toddler hang on; toddler dropped...and caught.  Man.  [, video]
  • "For people like Oprah, lawsuits are a part of life."  [Richard Roeper @ Sun-Times]


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As to Oprah, the number of lawsuits correlates with assets. I commend her for not settling with the Beef industry and winning. The day one may not criticize a side of beef is the day to pick up a gun and to stop the oppression.

So Walmart has 10,000 lawsuits every day. They are not even upset by them. They likely manage them with the same inventory system they do their soft drink supplies. They pass on all costs to the working people who shop there. The corporation is a pipe from the hard labor of the working class to the third business jet supplier of the lawyer.

I would be interested in having the bloggers here interview the Walmart GC to review the methods of managing such a massive litigation load, as a defendant. He was also a member of the Rose law firm when Hillary was there. One would like to hear about those days, too. If he consents to the submission of questions, please, let your audience know so they may submit some.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Oct 10, 2008 11:53:17 AM

Prof. Childs: Congratulations on reaching tenure, a reliable mark of excellence. It is a great achievement when tenure is getting rare.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Oct 11, 2008 3:50:56 PM

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