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Friday, May 16, 2008

Gottstein Renews Appeal in Zyprexa Leak

Alaska lawyer Jim Gottstein, who essentially served as a conduit between plaintiffs' expert David Egilman and the world (in particular the NYT's Alex Berenson) for documents designated as confidential in the Zyprexa litigation, has renewed his appeal of Judge Weinstein's injunction, Pharmalot reports. He still sounds optimistic that he will settle (as did Egilman, who admitted to violation of Judge Weinstein's order, notwithstanding any claim that he did nothing illegal), but is apparently trying to push a little harder to get the settlement done.

In related news, I just sent back the final edit of my forthcoming article for The Review of Litigation on protective order violations in the context of new technologies, so that will hopefully be out soon.


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