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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hot Off the Presses! Charleston Law Review Punitive Damages Symposium Volume

The Charleston Law Review has published its 2008 symposium volume, which contains articles and essays from the punitive damages symposium that we held back in September.  Check out the contents:

Sheila B. Scheuerman, Introduction, Punitive Damages, Due Process & Deterrence:  The Debate After Philip Morris v. Williams.  (Provides an overview and summary of each essay and article in the volume).  Download a copy of the Introduction:  Download 4_scheuerman_introduction.pdf

Anthony J. Sebok, After Philip Morris v. Williams:  What is Left of the "Single-Digit" Ratio?  Download a copy of Sebok's Essay [pdf file]:  Download 5_sebok.pdf

Anthony J. Franze, Clinging to Federalism:  How Reluctance to Amend State Law-Based Punitive Damages Procedures Impedes Due Process.  Download a copy of Franze's Essay [pdf file]:  Download 6_franze.pdf

Neil Vidmar & Matthew W. Wolfe, Fairness Through Guidance:  Jury Instruction on Punitive Damages After Philip Morris v. Williams.  (Available through SSRN). 

Christopher J. Robinette, Peace:  A Public Purpose for Punitive Damages(Available through SSRN).

Keith N. Hylton, Due Process and Punitive Damages:  An Economic Approach.  Download a copy of Hylton's Article:  Download 9_hylton.pdf

Victor E. Schwartz & Christopher E. Appel, Putting the Cart Before the Horse:  The Prejudicial Practice of a "Reverse Bifurcation" Approach to Punitive Damages.  Download a copy of Schwartz's Article:  Download 10_schwartz.pdf

Elizabeth J. Cabraser & Robert J. Nelson, Class Action Treatment of Punitive Damages Issues After Philip Morris v. Williams:  We Can Get There From Here.  Download a copy of Cabraser's Article:  Download 11_cabraser.pdf

Byron G. Stier, Now It's Personal:  Punishment and Mass Tort Litigation After Philip Morris v. Williams.  Download a copy of Stier's Article:  Download 12_stier.pdf

Michael L. Rustad, The Uncert-Worthiness of the Court's Unmaking of Punitive Damages.  Download a copy of Rustad's Article:  Download 13_rustad.pdf

My thanks again to the symposium participants for a lively and enjoyable discussion.  And my congratulations to Charleston 3Ls Matt Kendall (Editor in Chief), and Christy Fargnoli (Symposium Editor) as well as the entire Charleston Law Review staff for a very interesting collection of essays and articles!


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