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Thursday, April 10, 2008

50 Cent, Others Sued for Promoting Gangsta Lifestyle

Via ATL, Reuters reports that the victim of an alleged battery by one "Yayo," apparently a friend of 50 Cent and member of his hip-hop group, has sued both the rapper and his label for promoting a violent lifestyle.

In related news, I am contemplating suing all organizers of science fairs for causing me to be nerdy and, thus, the obvious target for junior high beatings. Sound good?

The lawsuit actually may not be quite that crazy (though it's still pretty crazy, at least as reported) -- keep in mind that Yayo allegedly was part of Fitty's group and, according to the suit, "The members of G-Unit, including defendants Yayo and 50 Cent, encouraged, sanctioned, approved and condoned its members threatening violence, and or engaging in violent acts in furtherance of its business." That last bit -- "in furtherance of its business" -- may be the link that gets it to potential vicarious liability rather than being the "media makes people mean" argument. And the suit alleges that the battery was triggered by the victim wearing a shirt for a rival group. Was it in furtherance of the employer's interests?


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