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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Updated (x2): Civil Suit Against Halliburton for Alleged Gang Rape Likely Heading for Arbitration

Via USPIRG's Consumer Blog, ABC's got the story of a civil suit by Jamie Leigh Jones against Halliburton for sexual harassment and an alleged gang rape, and its likely destination: arbitration. 

As the documents below make clear, the case was initially filed in arbitration and then in the Southern District of Texas; the arbitration has been stayed pending a decision on the motion to compel arbitration in federal court.   The plaintiffs acknowledge that Jones's employment agreement requires arbitration in at least some circumstances; they argue alternatively that the agreement is invalid and that it does not apply to this case.

A few documents of interest:

The complaint: Download leighcomplaint.pdf

The motion to compel arbitration: Download KBRCompel.pdf

Jones's opposition to the motion to compel arbitration: Download LeighOpposition.pdf

As the PIRG blog points out, there's pending legislation that would narrow the scope of arbitration provisions greatly, focusing on arms-length commercial transactions and not (probably) suits like this one.

Update: In the comments, Ted points out that much of the case file is available for free on Justia.  I could've avoided the PACER charges!  Curses!  He also notes that the arbitration complaint's allegation vary fairly significantly from the complaint in district court, and that Jones's lawyer did some fairly transparent forum shopping.  And finally, he notes that Halliburton is a defendant though Jones didn't work for Halliburton; she did, however, work for a Halliburton subsidiary.  (Halliburton divested KBR earlier in 2007, well after the events in question.)  Obviously there may be corporate veil issues, but it doesn't seem crazy to list Halliburton as a defendant. 

(Later addition: In a second comment, Ted notes that the complaint merely alleges alter ego and says it won't fly.  He may be right; though I've been involved in litigation in which another Halliburton subsidiary was also involved, I don't remember much about how separate its subsidiaries really are.  Without knowing more, it's hard to have much of a view besides "still not crazy" on including Halliburton as a defendant.  Certainly helps get press.)

Update 2: The third amended complaint (which I somehow missed the first time through the docket) is here: Download Leigh3rdComplaint.pdf


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It's interesting how the Jones story in her civil complaint differs so greatly than the story in her arbitration complaint in 2006.

It's also interesting how Halliburton is the defendant when Jones never worked for Halliburton.

The plaintiffs' attorney seems like a real clown: he originally forum-shopped the case to Beaumont, Texas (even though everyone lives in Houston), and then wrote a ludicrous opposition to a motion to venue-change.

Posted by: Ted | Dec 12, 2007 4:54:15 AM

The pending legislation does apply to employment contracts, by the way.

Posted by: Ted | Dec 12, 2007 5:54:31 AM

There's a Third Amended Complaint out there, by the way.

For some reason, only the Eastern District proceedings are on Justia; the proceedings in the Southern District (where the case was transferred) still require PACER.

The plaintiff really hasn't stated any reason to hold Halliburton liable other than the bald allegation of Halliburton as a KBR alter ego, and that's just not going to fly.

Posted by: Ted | Dec 12, 2007 12:11:23 PM

One defend. named is stated to be an american citizen. If present criminal laws apply to that person, would any criminal laws apply to one of the rapers if he was from another country, not the USA??

Posted by: robert OKane | Dec 20, 2007 9:05:30 PM

who would someone contact it they had problems in AF also.

Posted by: Leslie | Feb 20, 2008 7:55:56 PM

Army Wife Tracy K Barker Alleged KBR Rape Victim Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee


Dedicated To Tracy

Army wife Tracy K Barker and mother of 5 worked for a Halliburton/KBR subsidiary, in Iraq while her husband 1st Sergeant Galen Barker served in the United States Army Golden Knights Parachute Team in the Army for the past 24 years. Tracy is one of the first victims to bring public awareness as she brought charges against Halliburton/KBR, State Department, and State Department employee Ali Mokhtare stating that she was sexually assaulted, given drugs to sedate her by Halliburton/KBR medics, raped, sexually harassed while under their employ and confined to a shipping living container falsely imprisoned in 2004 while working at Camp Hope and in 2005, in Basra. Tracy was also retaliated against when she stood up for the Iraqi women that were Tracy's coworkers and friends. Tracy and these women were being abused on Camp Hope in Baghdad. These women would cry and ask Tracy for help.

She was even watched when she went to the bathroom being told that they wanted to make sure she didn’t call the United States again for help including her husband and children. After these incidents, she said her employer kept her in a living-shipping container and confined her under orders food was brought to her as if she was a prisoner and she was denied medical attention and any outside communications. Threatened she would loose her job. She also claims that when she attempted to leave the camp at one point she was brought to a staging area in the middle of Iraq left with no personal protective equipment vest, helmet, to protect her and had to ride in a food truck for 19 dangerous hours through Iraq with views of insurgents and starving children, this horrific journey took her back to Camp Basra.

Barker was forced several days later by Regional Security Officer Bryan Hatheway and Halliburton/KBR Project Lead Craig Grabein to wear the same clothing the night of the assault and paraded through a crowded dining area and was told that it was a part of the State Department and Halliburton’s investigation to see how men reacted to her. At this point she was still refused medical attention, any outside communication and taken off the convoy list several times.

Eventually Tracy was able to use a cell phone of a National Guard named Kevin Rodgers. Tracy's husband 1st Sergeant Galen Barker of the United States Army states that his wife contacted him through Kevin Rodgers telling him that she was just assaulted and almost raped. Tracy's husband Galen tried to get to Kuwait to meet with a friend that works for Black Water so he could go into Iraq and rescue his wife who was being kept like a hostage on Camp Basra. Tracy was denied medical attention, and held against her will by Halliburton/KBR and the State Department, while she was begging for medical care.

Tracy submitted National Guard Kevin Rodgers eyewitness affidavit that described the accounts of Tracy in Basra Iraq. “Tracy was held by Halliburton/KBR and the State Department who was staling her release from Camp Basra after being assaulted. Tracy tried to use the phone booth in Basra Iraq to call for help. I saw the Camp Manager Craig Grabein threatening Tracy to hang up. Tracy was able to use my cell phone to call her husband 1st Sergeant Galen Barker for help, telling him she was almost raped and was just assaulted”.

Tracy submitted this affidavit of National Guard Kevin Rodgers back on April 16, 2006 to Attorney George Cire of Houston Texas.

But last December 2007 this affidavit about Tracy Barker in Basra Iraq written by Kevin Rodgers has shown up in the Press submitted
by an alleged gang rape victim Jamie Leigh Jones who was in Baghdad for 4 days. When this article ran in the Houston Chronicle there was no mention of Tracy Barker or her case.

However, Tracy continued to be held against her will by Halliburton/KBR Craig Grabein and the State Department Regional Security Officer Bryan Hatheway. Tracy was having anxiety attacks due to the assault from State Department employee Ali Mokhtare. KBR/Halliburton medics drugged Tracy in order to sedate her from the attacks. Being threatened not to report what has happened or she would be fired. After being drugged Tracy was raped the following morning by a Halliburton/KBR Project lead Craig Grabein. Tracy was leaving with Dr David Pakkal. Dr David Pakkal of the State department happened to be stranded on the camp in Basra at the time due to heavy firearm had been made aware of the assault against Tracy. Dr Pakkal refusing to leave without Tracy took her to Kuwait to report to Halliburton/KBR.

Several months after returning home in July of 2005, Tracy was never able to get any answers from the State department to have charges brought. Tracy and her family wrote over 200 congressmen, Senators, including hundreds of FOIA request to the State Department. Tracy received a phone call from investigator Lynn Falanga telling Tracy “Ali is guilty. I tried to have his security clearance canceled have him brought back to the United States and prosecuted. When I submitted this paperwork I was taken off the case by my supervisor and told never to call you again” Falanga then stated ”get an attorney because they are sweeping this one under the rug” Tracy’s case was ignored completely, and she has never received any information about the investigation her civil rights have been violated.

Months later Tracy started receiving phone calls from other Halliburton/KBR employees who also alleged sexual assault one, which was Jamie Leigh Jones. Tracy's heart sank that there were more women assaulted after she came home. Barker learned that a State Department investigator Lynn Falanga had given her home phone number out to this alleged gang rape victim, Falanga was assigned to her case as well. Even though they weren't even dealing with Tracy's case they were handing out her home phone number. Tracy opened her heart and helped Jones. Tracy was told to bring Jones to the case by her previous attorney Stephanie Morris in 2007. Tracy finally was able to convince Jones to drop her Attorney and join her and Attorney Stephanie Morris. Tracy introduced Jamie Jones to Morris. Later L. Todd Kelly was brought on for what the Barkers were told administrative purpose only that the facts never needed to be discussed with him. Tracy and Galen only spoke to L. Todd Kelly a total of 3 times in the year of 2007 never once did they discuss the facts of their case with this attorney, we find it very disturbing that after talking with Tracy a total of 3 times this man L.Todd Kelly can blog and invite individuals to call his office to discuss the facts of Tracy's case. On December 14, 2007 an article of L Todd Kelly which he states "Kelly wants the Jones case to be the first one fully open to public scrutiny" how can such a comment be made to the press if this attorney was representing both women and fighting for a trial? In this article they fail to mention their first client Tracy Barker who brought Jones to the case.

Recently after the Barkers were given a chance to review documents and court filings for the first time they noticed a name of Paul Waldner Justice Seekers Houston Texas. Tracy and Galen claim they never hired or spoke to this man named Paul Waldner whose name seems to be popping up and appearing on court documents and pleadings filed in the year of 2007. In fact Galen Barker's first contact was emailed to this attorney in 2008 asking Paul Waldner "who the hell are you?"

Tracy was in the hospital most of 2007 due to high-risk pregnancy with twins. Neither Tracy nor Galen was ever given the chance to review or approve any court documents before they were filed in Texas. Her rights as a client and victim have been violated.

October 2007 Tracy was pregnant with twins and was asked to do a 20/20 interview, being told that this would bring Justice. When this interview ran it did not cover her case entirely in fact at all. Facts of rape, being given drugs, put in a shipping living container, borrowing a cell phone of a soldier to call her husband after being assaulted and left in the desert at a staging area. The Barker’s weren’t sure if the attorneys made ABC 20/20 aware of all that happened to Tracy. But they deliberately used Tracy and her assault to promote Jamie Leigh Jones,section=news/national_world&id=5834757Tracy’s case was not correctly presented to the public Tracy and her family immediately made ABC 20/20 fully aware. Tracy claims they ignored her. ABC 20/20 also promised that if she did the interview telling complete strangers about the horrific assaults against her that they would cover her story from the beginning to the end, which they have not done.

On December 19, 2007 Denise Tracy's older sister had watched the congressional hearing, disgusted to the fact that when the question came up about security Tracy had been in Iraq for 1 year and could have answered that question but was not allowed as she sat in the back. Denise posted under 20/20 comment December 19, 2007 correcting what had been said in congressional hearing that her sister Tracy did not come through any foundation nor did Tracy come to Congressman Poe for help after Jones, Denise called Gina at Congressman Poe's office to let her know what had been said was not true but since they had stated Tracy came to their office for help Denise asked Gina if they could help Tracy like they did Jones. Denise was told by Gina they they would not help Tracy because Tracy was not from Texas. However Poe still used Tracy’s name and this was not the truth. In fact Denise told Gina that Jones came to Tracy for help in 2005 after Tracy had been in the US several months so there is no way Tracy could have come through any foundation that was created in 2007. Tracy received a call from Morris was ordered to have Denise call Attorney Stephanie Morris because Denise had posted under the 20/20 comments on December 19, 2007. Denise called Morris as requested this discussion covered the web site and taking it down, the posting on 20/20 comments, how interviews were turned down behind Tracy’s back, Who cares about the truth as long Jones Caucus is out there. Morris also stated that Denise was not to call Congressman Ted Poe ever again and if we did not comply then they would drop Tracy at the most crucial part of her case. Denise responded that she would forward the threat to her parents Patricia Howland and Dennis E Howland , . This phone call involved threats of conversation that Tracy was not being allowed to speak, interviews were denied behind Tracy's back MSNBC, Peoples Magazine so they can promote Jamie Leigh Jones. Does that look like Tracy?,section=news/national_world&id=5834757
Denise was also threatened if you and your family tell the truth about what happened to your sister in Iraq that they would drop Tracy as a client at the most crucial time of her case.
Denise also claims that in the year 2007 Tracy's family started the tracykbarkerfoundation for helping contractors who are victims of crimes of assault and rape while working abroad including rape victims in the US and crime against children. Denise claims that Tracy's family was threatened to take it down numerous times.

Trish Tracy's mother states that while Galen Barker was with one of his twins his baby girl Mia was fighting for her life in NICU at Womack Army Medical Center, he received a phone call telling him that gang rape sales, they had a Bush appointed Judge and a snowball chance in hell of getting Justice. My granddaughter was fighting for her life and these attorneys call my family and say such a thing on Galen's cell phone we had put it on speaker while we were holding the twins, they didn’t even ask how Mia was doing. After this call Galen and his wife Tracy received emails of UTUBE videos making fun of the military and President Bush, taunting him and his wife Tracy, Trish Tracy's mother was checking emails while Galen and his wife were at the hospital with the twins.

After returning home, Tracy asked government officials to assist in securing justice. It has been 3 years and congress refuses to help her in her case. They are demanding answers in Jamie Leigh Jones rape case and Tracy's case is several months older. Dealing with the same exact people that play a role in both cases. Investigators Lynn Falanga, EAP representative Deborah Woodhams, Darrell Kaigler Halliburton/KBR, Kara Hall Halliburton/KBR, Ron Boutwell Halliburton/KBR, Steve Osgood Halliburton/KBR, Gabe Andino Halliburton/KBR, Arnold Palmer Halliburton/KBR the same exact room in the barracks at Camp Hope in Baghdad, Physician Dr. David Pakkal of the State Department. And the same company Halliburton/KBR. Congress does not ask anything about Tracy.

December 19, 2007 Tracy was asked to write a statement for the Congressional Hearing of Homeland Security, Crime, and Terrorism. Tracy declined because Congressman Bob Etheridge invited her to DC as he had called her personally at home. Tracy had wanted to save her testimony for the committee and when she had refused to submit a written statement she was harassed and tormented. Tracy just had twins but still wanted to help other victims. Tracy paying her own way of $1,300.00 with a 2-hour notice arrived but when she got there she was not allowed to testify or even speak. She was harassed and Media was shunned away from her case after the congressional hearing and at the press conference. She was told they wanted a white Texas girl for the cause. No one wanted the public to know what happened to Tracy and how she was an advocate for other contractors that worked for Halliburton/KBR Tracy participates at a news conference on Capitol Hill December 19, 2007 in Washington D.C. http://www,

During the congressional hearing an affidavit of Letty Surman whose name Tracy submitted as a witness about Basra Iraq to attorney George Cire of Houston Texas back in Dec 2005, an affidavit of Letty Surman was given to Tracy to submit to the committee. When she handed the affidavit over Tracy was able to view this for the first time for it was recently written with Attorney L Todd Kelly. This was an eyewitness to the accounts of Tracy’s office, work place, and coworkers in Basra Iraq. Talks about Tracy’s accounts from her EEOC charges in Tracy's favor even names the supervisor who raped her but for some reason did not mention Tracy or her case on this entire affidavit




On this day, Letty Surman, appeared before me, the undersigned notary public and after I administered an oath to him/her, upon his/her oath, he/she said:

"My name is Letty Surman. I am over the age of 18 and capable of making this affidavit. The facts stated in this affidavit are within my personal knowledge and are true and correct.

I was employed by Halliburton/KBR in Kuwait and Iraq from May of 2004 until September of 2006. I was the Human Resources (HR) supervisor in Kuwait from May of 2004 until late-2005 and in the Baghdad Headquarters in Iraq from late-2005 until my return to the United States in September of 2006. I again worked for Halliburton in Houston from January until August of 2007, when I was laid off.

During most of my time in Kuwait, I was the key contact person for HR issues arising out of Basra, Iraq where I was employed. This was because there was no HR person in Basra. There was a saying with regard to personnel and employee issues that ‘what happened in Basra stayed in Basra.’ As an example, Halliburton pushed for an HR representative in every camp, large or small, in Iraq, with the exception of Basra. I often thought this was suspicious.

It was concerning to me that, although I was trained in HR, there were a number of HR personnel that were not trained, and were simply no longer capable of performing their primary duties. For instance, I worked closely with a diesel mechanic who had been relabled as an HR representative, with absolutely no training. This was a disaster waiting to happen.

I know that Craig Grabien was the project lead in Basra, and that alcohol was widely used at that camp – despite the fact that this was not permitted there. In fact, it was widely known that Craig Grabien’s successor, Charles English, was intoxicated the night that Basra was bombed, when he announced the need for firemen to perform a HazMat analysis in a slurred voice from the radio system in the bunker. Two visiting Army officials even complained that Charles English was drunk in the bunker.

During my time as an HR supervisor, I was aware that a lot of sexual harassment went on- it was our major complaint. I observed that sexual harassment was worse when I first arrived, and seemed to get a little better towards the end of my stay in Iraq. I know that the Employee Relations (ER) branch of Halliburton tracked sexual harassment complaints, as this was a primary function of that department. However, I am aware that Halliburton has a policy of sweeping problems under the rug.

I have personally been the subject of sexual harassment while I was in Iraq. There were comments about my breasts shaking when I was doing something in the kitchen facility, and Michael Van Kirk, a project manager, attempting to kiss me – which was unwanted. I did not report these incidents because it would not have accomplished anything, and because of the high likelihood of retaliation that permeated the environment in Iraq. Often, there would be heckling of people who reported incidents of this nature, or they would be sent to another, more remote, camp. Furthermore, the confidential nature of these reports was purely at the discretion of the project managers, and not well enforced.

At one point, there was a company blog, on which any Halliburton employee could anonymously post their complaints about sexual harassment and other camp conditions. Halliburton took this down because it was embarrassing to them.

I know that pornography was known to be displayed in the workspaces in Basra as a result of the reports of the drivers and other employees who would travel through the Kuwait after having been in Basra. Craig Grabien had a reputation for sexually harassing the women in Basra.
I also recall that a number of people were very angry because the incident involving Jamie caused the rules to change so that drinking was no longer allowed

Even though Tracy declined to write a statement for the Committee after Tracy came home a statement was submitted to the Congressional hearing that Tracy never wrote Congress has completely ignored Tracy and skipped over her case entirely moving on to the others that came forward after her. Hillary Clinton even refused to help Tracy after continuously writing Sen. Clinton letters since October 2005 and told her that she couldn't help because Tracy was not a New York resident. Tracy was used for a number count and her case has been ignored completely.

Tracy's family made Congressman Conyers and Congressman Poe's office aware of what happened to their daughter in Iraq, since coming home, and since the Congressional hearing. Congressman Poe's office never offered to fix the inaccurate information; in fact his office didn't care about this women at all. Congressman Conyers office responded, "To be honest with you,you can write a statement about what happened to Tracy but I doubt that they will care about the documents they just care about policy change." Now they send all calls To Poe's office. Tracy's family was not only shocked of the response of Congressman Conyers, and Congressman Poe but also disgusted in their failure of their position as Congressman for American citizens. But to also become part of the abuse that took place against their daughter Tracy, as they were demanding justice for another rape victim.

Congressman Ted Poe even stated inaccurate information to the press"Since Jamie has gone public with her experience, my office has heard from 3 other women. Of course, my office will furnish the names of these women to the Judiciary Committee if needed. Poe named one of the women, Tracy Barker. Why would Poe make such a comment to the public if Tracy's attorneys made him aware of Tracy and her case in 2007?

In fact it was quite shocking when the press ran stories that a Houston-area women who lawsuit first brought public attention. Tracy K Barker and Jones went public at the same time on 20/20, . Tracy was never aware of any Jamie Leigh Foundation that offered such services to contractors even though these two shared the same counsel when it was created. And their Attorney L Todd Kelly was a board member. Tracy never came through the Jamie Leigh Foundation that is so far from the truth. In fact Jamie came to my daughter. When Tracy read about this in the media that Congressman Poe claimed Tracy contacted him for help Tracy took it upon herself and asked Poe to help her. Congressman Ted Poe refused. Tracy isn't from Texas.....Tracy informed Congressman Ted Poe that she lived there as a child when her father was in the marines but they didn't care. He refused to help her and used her for a number. Congressman Ted Poe asked rape victims to contact his office

DOBBS: Is there anything the audience of this broadcast can do so assist you?

POE: We do not think this is an isolated case of sexual assault against American citizens in Baghdad by coworkers. We want the other victims to notify my office immediately

When Tracy met Congressman Ted Poe at the Congressional Hearing he stated that he had never heard of her or her case. I cant imagine how that can be possible when these two women shared the same attorney's that worked with his office all of 2007.

On the civil side, the State Department has not disciplined The State Department Official who has admitted to State Department investigators some of the events that Tracy described. Not only does this assailant remain employed with the State Department, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia has refused to seek an indictment against him for his conduct. When Tracy asked for answers in the investigation Tracy says that the State Department only contacted her 2 times in 3 years. Attorney Advisor Henry Norcom offered her a payment of $3,500 to drop charges against its employee for the admitted assault and to give up all her rights. Tracy refused the offer, and continues in her pursuit for justice not only for herself, but also for others who have experienced the same or similar treatment while serving our country abroad.

Tracy Barker's family is confused as to the reason why she was not invited to testify on April 9, 2008, especially given that one of the assailants Ali Mokhtare is an employee of the U.S. State Department, the State Department DSS was heavily involved in the investigation into her claims and the fact that Gregory B. Starr, the Acting Assistant Secretary, Bureau Of Diplomatic Security and Acting Director of the Office of Foreign Missions for the U.S. Department of State was present for testimony. Tracy is the only contractor that we are aware of that was assaulted by a State Department employee, one would think Congress would like her testimony and presence on this day. Tracy has waited 3 years to ask questions. Tracy was never given a chance to testify. Congress did not invite one contractor victim of rape or assault by a State Department employee instead they were handing out awards.

Tracy’s family is asking for a full investigation of all that has taken place in these horrible events

As for her former employer, Halliburton and its subsidiaries requested that Tracy’s case against them be resolved through an arbitration that they contend is required by her employment contract. In private, there is no judge or jury, but the case is decided by an arbitrator. Tracy fired Attorney George Cire of Houston Texas in December 2006. George Cire was demanding arbitration without Tracy's knowledge or consent while she was fighting for a trial. Recently, a federal district judge known by Judge Miller in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas agreed with Halliburton’s position and granted Halliburton’s Motion to Compel Tracy’s case against her former employer and its subsidiaries to continue proceeding in arbitration with comments in the response filing that "sexual harassment up to assault is a reality in today’s work place".

Once again this seems to be okay with Congress as well as the courts that such a comment is made to an alleged rape victim. Congress just ignored Tracy's case even more. Within hours after Judge Miller of Houston Texas ruled arbitration and 6 days before expert witness were due in the case against Ali Mokhtare in Alexandria Virginia the Barkers had no counsel. In fact they were not even aware of the Case against Ali Mokhtare being accepted in Virginia back in December of 2007. Attorney Stewart Hoffer of Houston, Texas sat in on emergency for the Barker’s until he changed law firms and Tracy was able to find new counsel. Michael Conway represents Tracy with the Halliburton case as well as the case pending against the State Department official Ali Mokhtare.

Tracy was an advocate for Local Iraqi’s in Basra. Tracy was known for opening her heart to others she would pay her own money and help create a system to have their medication brought to the camp from Kuwait. Tracy and her family have been informed that since Tracy left many of her coworkers and friends have died that lived in Basra. Some that was not able to receive simple medication. Tracy made sure that there was a year supply for those she could help on her own when she left. Tracy is working with different departments trying to save her best friends life Yousif. He has been trying to survive for 2 years and is stuck in Iraq being hunted by kill Units because he worked for Halliburton/KBR.

Tracy is working with her disability of PTSD, which makes it very hard for her to write. We want the public to know about Tracy and Galen a military family stationed at Fort Bragg.

We are also looking for an author to help tell this story. We want to make others aware of what has happened to Tracy a military dependant since birth, an advocate and fighter for others.

We believe the public should be made aware of the abuse that took place in Iraq while being a military wife and contractor, as well as the United States of America so it will never happen again. How one rape victim and her family can be so abused and tormented after coming back to the United States for justice. Being treated the way they have because they are a military family with a Judge appointed by President Bush

Tracy is the only military wife when these assaults happened that has come forward to this day.

Every KBR/Halliburton rape and assault victim deserves justice but it shouldn’t be at the price of abusing another victim.

These people stole from Tracy Barker
cat calls diaries
witness statements

Posted by: for tracy | Aug 17, 2008 9:41:15 PM

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