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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SueEasy a Hoax? I Don't Think So...

Eric Turkewitz notes (after a spot-on criticism of the site) a post suggesting that SueEasy may be a hoax, presumably to emphasize a perceived sue-happiness.  I don't think it is for a couple of reasons:

  • First, it would be a stupid one.  Once exposed, it would be pretty easy to say, "Um, so you couldn't find enough actual evidence of overlitigation so you had to make it up yourself?"  Not a good idea.
  • More to the point, the evidence points away from it being a hoax.  The whois entry shows that it's connected to Webtronaut which, while a little silly-looking and filled with Web 2.0 gobbldegook, appears to be legitimate.  Searching for the name of the listed contact reveals various real-looking references -- the sort of thing that it would be uncommon for a hoax perpetrator to both with.

Put briefly, while I might wish it was a hoax, I don't think it is.  It is undoubtedly a terrible idea, but it seems to be a real terrible idea.


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