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Friday, August 17, 2007

LaFetra at Point of Law

Deborah La Fetra [PDF], a principal attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation, just finished up a week of guest posting at Point of Law, including a number of posts about liability for private landowners.  I don't particularly agree with a number of her views (I generally think that imposing a duty but taking summary judgment seriously on breach works okay for most of the situations in play), but it's well worth reading.

Some key posts: about the obligation to prevent crime on one's property, on passing liability costs on to tenants, on insurance relating to liability for third-party criminal conduct, on innkeeper liability for sexual assault (it's worth noting that the court did not rule that innkeepers are always liable for such assault, but rather that they owe a duty of reasonable care - different thing), on barriers around land, on negligent security for tenants, on bar bouncers, and on liability for allowing gang members into property.


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