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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Egilman, Gottstein Settling with Lilly Regarding Zyprexa Document Leak?

That's suggested by a pleading filed back in May: Download 20070529_extension.pdf

It appears that Egilman was at that time very close to a settlement, while Gottstein was awaiting the resolution of those talks.

(In case you're just joining the story, David Egilman was an expert for plaintiffs in the Zyprexa litigation.  In cooperation with Alex Berenson of the NYT, he was subpoenaed by James Gottstein, an Alaska lawyer advocating against forced psychiatric medications.  The documents were widely distributed; Judge Weinstein concluded that their distribution violated his protective order and enjoined some parties from further distribution and made noises about contempt.  Go here for many more posts.  My article about it continues to muddle along.)


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