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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Avandia Roundup

  • Our neighbors summarize.  So do our other neighbors.
  • In The Pipeline comments.
  • DrugWonks cheers, and cheers, and discusses.
  • A new-to-me blog, but one I'm liking more just about every day, Life Sciences Daily, discusses and goes after DrugWonks.  In so doing, Ogan Gurel identifies for me what it is that sometimes bugs me about DrugWonks, and it's similar to what sometimes bugs me about a lot of the sites funded by particular groups or industries (not at all limited to DrugWonks - just a convenient example) -- they often don't act like adults, instead seeming more like teenagers arguing over the best Scary Movie sequel.


(Usual disclosure: I do a small amount of work for pharma clients.  GSK is not, nor has it ever been, a client.)

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Thanks for the reference and commentary on my latest Avandia posting, Bill. I like your pithy characterization "like teenagers arguing over the best Scary Movie sequel" and indeed what finally impelled me to write such an article was last night's posting on DrugWonks concluding from the Avandia "victory" that:

"It's time for the grown-ups to step forward and take charge of the debate on drug safety."

That got me thinking: who are the "grown-ups" they are referring to? Why is such an adolescent blog patronizing the doctors and patients who bear the brunt of such decisions to "lay off" and let the "grown-ups" takeover?

"To write or not to write" was the question that I was grappling with and in the end, I wrote.

Posted by: Ogan Gurel | Aug 1, 2007 5:11:48 AM

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