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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Pharma Study Center at Seton Hall

Pharmalot notes the endowment by several drugmakers of a center to study pharmaceutical legal issues at Seton Hall Law School; NY PI Law Blog is skeptical of its claimed neutrality.  Of course, the entire Temple Law School is now named the Beasley School of Law after a posthumous contribution of $20 million from James Beasley, founder of the Beasley Firm, a plaintiff-side firm that has a substantial (and respected) pharma (and other products) practice. 

The two situations are not apples-and-apples, granted, but I don't think Temple's any more likely to be pro-plaintiff than the Seton Hall center is to be pro-pharma, especially since both are done by endowments rather than pledges of future money (unless I'm reading the coverage incorrectly).

(As usual: I do some work for pharmaceutical companies, though I don't think my clients are among those who have contributed to the Seton Hall program.)

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