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Monday, January 8, 2007

Updated: Zyprexa Documents Update

James Gottstein, the Alaska lawyer at the center of the Zyprexa documents issue (short version: he subpoenaed the documents from a friendly expert David Egilman, possibly without proper attention to the protective order, Judge Weinstein is Not Happy) has been updating his site with relevant documents:

  • Rep. Waxman has returned the documents provided to him by Gottstein.
  • Judge Weinstein issued a jointly-requested injunction.  One of the people enjoined is part of a group that happens to be local to me (and who does a radio show on the same station I do) and has its own news page.
  • Added (just didn't see it the first time): A letter from one document recipient to Judge Weinstein, arguing both that the documents are too widely-distributed to get back and that Eli Lilly has acted criminally.
  • Lilly requested a chance to depose Gottstein in New York to form the basis of a sanctions motion.
  • Judge Weinstein held a hearing on the issue.
  • The Electronic Freedom Foundation submitted a brief seeking reconsideration of Judge Weinstein's injunction (which has been extended to allow some additional briefing, etc.), arguing that the injunction was overbroad in reaching people outside the scope of the protective order.
  • New 1/8 7:45: Lilly has filed its brief opposing reconsideration of the injunction (as urged by this letter, also linked to above).  (Also note the exhibits (big file).)

(My earlier post is here.)

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The now notorious Zyprexa diabetes connection is elaborated at thousands of pages on line.

My own local clinic and clinics everywhere have stopped dispensing Zyprexa except as a PRN for acute cases.

Eli Lilly's zyprexa gravy train will stall soon enough.

I am Daniel Haszard 4 year zyprexa user who got diabetes from it.

Posted by: Daniel Haszard | Jan 8, 2007 10:22:14 AM

I am a zyprexa diabetes victim. I think that
Eli Lilly & co.'s gravy train is stalling quickly. I couldn't believe some of the articles I read that said this stuff is being given
to months old to teenagers. Appalling.

Posted by: Sharon DeGruson | Jan 21, 2007 2:25:14 PM

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