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Monday, January 29, 2007

Arizona Law Review Economic Torts-A-Palooza

The new issue of the Arizona Law Review is all about economic torts.  Thanks to the Editor in Chief for providing a quick summary:

As you may know, our most recent issue (Vol. 48, No. 4) is dedicated to consideration of economic torts (in conjunction with the current Restatement project). One of the recent threads in your blog included discussion of a piece in the issue by Professors Goldberg, Sebok, and Zipursky. I think that there is much more in the issue that might be of interest to your community: For starters, Mike Green’s critique of the GSZ piece would be a nice addition to the current thread. The issue includes a slew of articles discussing the economic loss rule (Judge Posner, Robert Rabin, Dan Dobbs, Mark Gergen, Anita Bernstein, Oscar Gray and others weigh in on the doctrine). Fraud and defamation also receive considerable attention (from Ian Ayres, Andrew Klein, and David Anderson among others). There is also a very strong student note by the Law Review’s own Travis Wheeler that is cited by some of the other articles in the issue.

Indeed, it looks like a terrific lineup.

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