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Friday, December 22, 2006

Fake Dentists & Marmaduke

I've been looking for a torts hook for linking to Joe Mathlete Explains Today's Marmaduke, because it is the funniest site I've come across in the last several months.

The titular Joe has a dream.  And that dream is of being a fake dentist.  As he explains,

my life has become very complicated. Last week I enrolled in Imaginary Dental School, widely considered to be among the finest institutes of higher learning that were made up by me, and have since found myself up to my elbows in teeth (and books about teeth).

He's seeking donations.  And -- here's the torts hook! -- when he goes out into practice as a fake dentist, he will, of course, be held to the standard of care of a real dentist.  So he really, really needs those donations.  Or perhaps some really significant caps on damages for harm caused by unlicensed fake dentists.  (ATRA, could you get on that, please?  Thanks!  Hugs.)

The site is exactly what it sounds like.  Every day, he explains that day's Marmaduke.  Somehow, the mere act of explaining why Marmaduke is funny (when it is self-evidently not funny) makes it funny.

(Why, yes, now I'm avoiding grading.) (Actually I'm almost a fourth done, which isn't bad since I've only had the [99] exams for a day.)

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