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Friday, February 24, 2006

The Week in Recalls: All Hail Chicken Limbo Party Game

Looking for a hypothetical dangerous product?  Look no further, for The Consumerist has you covered, with this marvelous excerpt (though not, presumably, marvelous to the users of the product):

Incidents/Injuries: In a case of inanity raising its loathsome head, Milton Bradley has received 46 reports of the Chicken Limbo party game collapsing unexpectedly. This includes 23 reports of injuries including bumps, bruises, welts and red marks, four reports of cuts, one chipped tooth and one fractured foot.

This is what you get for over-technologizing what should be two people and a stick.

I will send something entertaining and free to the first reader (prof or otherwise) to send me a verifiable quiz, exam, or other law school assignment using the phrase "Chicken Limbo party game" in the fact pattern.  This extends to students: Figure out a way to use that phrase in an exam and you'll get a very special something-or-other.  (It needs to make sense; you can't just write "Plaintiff, hereafter 'Chicken Limbo party game.'"  Though that would be pretty funny, too.) 

I used to get promotional swag from Fox Network, so it may be related to a mid-'90s TV show you never heard of.

(Recall notice on the CPSC site.)

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