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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Liability for Undisclosed Ingredients -- McDonald's Fries

This isn't just another obesity suit (and there haven't been all that many of those, after all).  This one has to do with undisclosed milk and wheat ingredients in its fries.

McDonald's Corp. faces at least three lawsuits claiming the fast-food giant misled the public after it acknowledged earlier this week its french fries contain milk and wheat ingredients.

Debra Moffatt of Lombard, Ill., seeks unspecified damages in a suit filed Friday in Chicago. Her attorney, Thomas Pakenas, said his client has celiac disease, which causes gastrointestinal symptoms set off by eating gluten, a protein found in wheat.

McDonald's is testing the fries now to see if they in fact contain gluten (surprises me that they don't already know).  What surprises me even more is that it apparently took as long as it did to add the wheat and milk acknowledgment to the ingredient list.  (Compare to the archive of the same page from March 2005.)  (And revel in the world that is McDonald's ingredient lists.)

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