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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

BREAKING - Shrimp Case With Jury

Or so says a commenter.  Oh, and so does an AP story:

Benihana attorney Charles Connick suggested during his closing arguments to the jury in the civil trial Wednesday that it was inappropriate to hold the restaurant at fault.

"I scratch my head and I wonder, is it conceivable to you?" Connick asked.

Update: The NYT (free sub. req.) has coverage too, with coverage of the plaintiff's argument, taking causation issues head-on:

Andre L. Ferenzo, a lawyer in Roslyn representing the Colaitis estate, told the jury yesterday that "a flying piece of hot grilled shrimp" thrown by an irresponsible chef "set into motion an unbroken chain of interrelated events" leading to Mr. Colaitis's death 10 months later.

(Okay, perhaps it doesn't quite justify the all-caps BREAKING.  Previous posts here and here.)

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