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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

New Securities Law Articles in Print

The following law review articles relating to securities regulation are now available in paper format:

Sofia Aizenman, Note, The Art World of Digital Assets: How Non-Fungible Tokens Create a Loophole in Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, 44 Cardozo L. Rev. 1179 (2023).

Thomas M. Madden, Section 10(b) and the Fiduciary Conundrum, 18 Hastings Bus. L.J. 29 (2021).

Gregory Makoff & W. Mark C. Weidemaier, Mass Sovereign Debt Litigation: A Computer-Assisted Analysis of the Argentina Bond Litigation in the U.S. Federal Courts 2002–2016, 56 UC Davis L. Rev. 1233 (2023).

Joel Seligman, Payment for Order Flow and the Great Missed Opportunity, 18 Hastings Bus. L.J. 3 (2021).

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