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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

New Securities Law Articles in Print

The following law review articles relating to securities regulation are now available in paper format:

S. Burcu Avci, Cindy A. Schipani, H. Nejat Seyhun & Andrew Verstein, Insider Giving, 71 Duke L.J. 619 (2021).

James A. Fanto, Looking Forward: Professor Roberta Karmel's Prescient Views on the Transformation of Self-Regulatory Organizations and of the Securities Market Structure at the Turn of the Last Century, 16 Brook. J. Corp. Fin. & Com. L. 123 (2021).

Jill E. Fisch, Mutual Fund Stewardship and the Empty Voting Problem, 16 Brook. J. Corp. Fin. & Com. L. 71 (2021).

Joan MacLeod Heminway, Federalized Corporate Governance: The Dream of William O. Douglas as Sarbanes-Oxley Turns 20, 16 Brook. J. Corp. Fin. & Com. L. 97 (2021).

Howell E. Jackson, "The EU Challenge to The SEC": A View from 2021, 16 Brook. J. Corp. Fin. & Com. L. 33 (2021).

Jordan Lieberman, Note, Lorenzo v. SEC and the Expansion of Scheme Liability: Why Courts Should Implement a "Modified Creator Standard", 2021 Colum. Bus. L. Rev. 352 (2021).

Christal McCamy, Note, Retail Investors: Why Online Investing Platforms Need More Regulation and Oversight, 16 Brook. J. Corp. Fin. & Com. L. 255 (2021).

Alan R. Palmiter, Full of Questions and Wonder: Roberta Karmel's Legacy, 16 Brook. J. Corp. Fin. & Com. L. 147 (2021).

James J. Park, Karmel's Dissent: The SEC's Use and Occasional Misuse of Section 21(a) Reports of Investigation, 16 Brook. J. Corp. Fin. & Com. L. 9 (2021).

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