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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Study Abroad Opportunity in Lille, France (May 27 – June 7, 2019): Global Issues in Securities Law

Professor John Anderson from Mississippi College School of Law sent me the following study abroad announcement:


Study Abroad Opportunity in Lille, France (May 27 – June 7): Global Issues in Securities Law (2 credits)

This course offers an introduction to comparative securities law. It begins with a general overview of securities law in the United States and then offers some studies in global comparison. The course will pay special attention to the topic of insider trading. Recent decades have witness a proliferation of diverse insider trading enforcement regimes around the globe. This course will offer an introduction to a number of these different regimes (in the U.S., Western Europe, Japan, China, Russia, India, Australia, etc.) and consider some problems that have arisen and some lessons that can be learned from the global experience of this regulation. Students taking this course will learn:

* The historical development of Securities law in the United States and around the globe;

* The basic elements of securities regulation generally (in the U.S. and globally), and, more specifically, the basic elements of insider trading regulation (in the U.S. and globally);

* Important critiques and defenses of insider trading enforcement; and

* Global lessons in insider trading enforcement and possible paths to reform.

Students will be evaluated based on participation and a series of three or four short papers drafted and presented in teams.

Location and Excursions:

* Classes will be held in Lille, France

* Planned excursions to Bruges, Brussels, and Paris included

* Students are responsible for booking their own flights to Lille and lodging in Lille

* Cost: $3,458 (includes tuition, excursions, some meals, and course administration) + books.

Required Books:

* Marc Steinberg, Franklin Gevurtz, and Eric Chaffee, Global Issues in Securities Law (2013)

* John P. Anderson, Insider Trading: Law, Ethics, and Reform (2018)


Putting aside that I am an author of one of the required texts, this course looks like a wonderful opportunity for students to study securities law.  Please contact Professor Anderson ( for more details.

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