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Sunday, October 21, 2018

New Securities Law Articles in Print

The following law review articles relating to securities regulation are now available in paper format:

S. Burcu Avci, Cindy A. Schipani & H. Nejat Seyhun, Eliminating Conflicts of Interests in Banks: The Significance of the Volcker Rule, 35 Yale J. on Reg. 343 (2018).

Jonathan D. Glater, Insiders, Outsiders, & Fair Access: Identifying Culpable Insider Trading, 83 Brook. L. Rev. 1393 (2018).

Kevin S. Haeberle & M. Todd Henderson, Making a Market for Corporate Disclosure, 35 Yale J. on Reg. 383 (2018).

Scott Hirst, Universal Proxies, 35 Yale J. on Reg. 437 (2018).

Daniel B. Listwa & Charles Seidell, Note, Penalties in Equity: Disgorgement After Kokesh v. SEC, 35 Yale J. on Reg. 667 (2018).

Susan Lorde Martin, The Appointments Clause and the SEC's Administrative Law Judges: Protecting the Separation of Powers, Political Accountability, and Investors, 12 Va. L. & Bus. Rev. 287 (2018)

Jeremy R. McClane, Regulating Substance Through Form: Lessons from the SEC's Plain English Initiative, 55 Harv. J. on Legis. 265 (2018).

Neal Newman, Regulation A+: New and Improved After the JOBS Act or a Failed Revival?, 12 Va. L. & Bus. Rev. 243 (2018).

D. Butler Sparks, Comment, Omens of Overregulation: Why the SEC Should Abandon Its Course Toward Broker-Dealer Regulation of Private Equity Fund Managers, 12 Va. L. & Bus. Rev. 349 (2018).

Ryan D. Zick & Jeff Tchakarov, Adjudicating Securities Law Violations in the Age of Limited Bankruptcy Court Jurisdiction, 26 Am. Bankr. Inst. L. Rev. 293 (2018).

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