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Monday, May 11, 2015

New in Print

The following law review articles relating to securities regulation are now available in paper format:

Aaron S. Davidowitz, Note, Abandoning the 'Mosaic Theory': Why the 'Mosaic Theory' of Securities Analysis Constitutes Illegal Insider Trading and What to Do about It, 46 Wash. U. J.L. & Pol'y 281 (2014).

Alicia J. Davis, Market Efficiency and the Problem of Retail Flight, 20 Stan. J.L. Bus. & Fin. 36 (2014).

Francis J. Facciolo, Do I Have a Bridge for You: Fiduciary Duties and Investment Advice, 17 U. Pa. J. Bus. L. 101 (2014).

Nan S. Ellis & Steven B. Dow, Attaching Criminal Liability to Credit Rating Agencies: Use of the Corporate Ethos Theory of Criminal Liability, 17 U. Pa. J. Bus. L. 167 (2014)

Cody R. Friesz, Note, Crowdfunding & Investor Education: Empowering Investors to Mitigate Risk & Prevent Fraud, 48 Suffolk U.L. Rev. 131 (2015).

Priyah Kaul, Note, Admit or Deny: A Call for Reform of the SEC's "Neither-Admit-Nor-Deny" Policy, 48 U. Mich. J.L. Reform 535 (2015).

Michael P. Marek & Robert A. Wilson, A Future for Reserve-Based Lending in Emerging Markets? Limitations of the Traditional Model, 10 Tex. J. Oil Gas & Energy L. 149 (2014).

Nathan R. Schuur, Note, Fraud Is Already Illegal: Section 621 of the Dodd-Frank Act in the Context of the Securities Laws, 48 U. Mich. J.L. Reform 565 (2015).

Will White, Note, Oil, Corruption, and the Department of Justice: FCPA Enforcement and the Energy Industry, 10 Tex. J. Oil Gas & Energy L. 181 (2014).

2014 Symposium, Never the Twain: Emerging U.S.-Chinese Business Law Relations. Articles by Franklin Allen, Jun "QJ" Qian, Jerome A. Cohen, Li Guo, Nicholas Calcina Howson, Vikramaditya S. Khanna, Jiangyu Wang and Angela Huyue Zhang, 47 Cornell Int'l L.J. 499-707 (2014).

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