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Friday, March 21, 2014

NASAA Members Approve Streamlined Multi-State Coordinated Review Program

NASAA members have approved a streamlined multi-state coordinated review program to reduce compliance costs of companies attempting to raise capital under the JOBS Act.  The press release includes the following information:

Under the new program, Regulation A filings would be made in one place and distributed electronically to all states. Lead examiners would be appointed as the primary point of contact for a filer and each state will be given 10 business days for review. Lead examiners alone will interact with issuers to resolve any deficiencies.

The new program was initiated in response to Title IV of the JOBS Act, which raised to $50 million from $5 million the amount of money that can be raised through offerings exempt from registration under Regulation A. Congress directed the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to adopt a rule implementing this JOBS Act provision. The SEC’s proposed rule, contrary to Congressional intent, seeks to transform Regulation A offerings into covered securities, which by law are not subject to state review. By doing so, the rule would eliminate state authority to review Regulation A offerings before they are sold to the public.

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