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Thursday, May 16, 2013

GAO Releases Testimony on Elder Fraud

The GAO released recent testimony on Federal Government Has Taken Some Steps but Could Do More to Combat Elder Financial Exploitation (GAO-13-626T, May 16, 2013).  Here is what the GAO found:

Older adults are being financially exploited by strangers who inundate them with mail, telephone, or Internet scams; unscrupulous financial services professionals; and untrustworthy in-home caregivers. Local law enforcement authorities in the four states GAO visited indicated that investigating and prosecuting the growing number of cases involving interstate and international mass marketing fraud--such as "grandparent scams," which persuade victims to wire money to bail "grandchildren" out of jail or pay their expenses--is particularly difficult. In addition, older adults, like other consumers, may lack the information needed to make sound decisions when choosing a financial services provider. As a result, they can unknowingly risk financial exploitation by those who use questionable tactics to market unsuitable or illegal financial products. Local officials also noted that it is difficult to prevent exploitation by in-home caregivers, such as home health or personal care aides, individuals older adults must rely on.

The GAO goes on to identify ways that federal agencies could support state and local efforts to combat elder fraud.

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