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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cunningham Podcast on Warren Buffett & Corporate Governance

Lawrence Cunningham (George Washington Law) has a podcast, Inside Track with Broc: Larry Cunningham on Warren Buffett's View of Governance & Securities Law (4/8/13).  In this podcast, Larry discusses the Third Edition of "The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America" (the first version dates back to 1997 and actually began as a law review conference) as it applies to corporate governance and securities regulation, including:

•What are some of the venerable principles of corporate governance that reappear in this edition?
•What's new for Warren concerning corporate governance?
•Who does Warren think was responsible for the financial crisis and how has responsibility been apportioned?
•What about compliance and assuring integrity through the ranks?
•For Warren, what's the toughest battle to fight in terms of compliance?
•What's the appropriate response when improprieties are found?

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