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Friday, March 22, 2013

FINRA Proposes to Amend Rule Regarding Public Release of Disciplinary Complaints

FINRA has filed with the SEC a proposed rule change amending FINRA Rule 8313 (Release of Disciplinary Complaints, Decisions and Other Information) to make more information about disciplinary proceedings available to the public.  The SEC has put the proposal out for public comment. (Download 34-69178[1])

The proposed rule change generally would establish general standards for the release of disciplinary information to the public that would provide greater information about FINRA's disciplinary actions.  It would also clarify the scope of information subject to Rule 8313.

Rule 8313(a) currently provides that in response to a request FINRA shall release any identified disciplinary complaint or decision to the requesting party.  Absent a specific request for an identified complaint or decision, the rule provides publicity thresholds for the release of information to the public.  Thus, disciplinary information currently available in the FINRA Disciplinary Actions online database is limited by Rule 8313's publicity thresholds.  The proposed amendment would eliminate the publicity thresholds and in their place adopt general standards for the public release of the information and increase access to information about disciplinary actions.  Specifically, proposed Rule 8313(a)(1) would provide that FINRA shall release to the public a copy of, and at FINRA's discretion information with respect to, any disciplinary complaint or disciplinary decision issued by FINRA.  Subject to limited exceptions, FINRA would release the information in unredacted form. (Download 34-69178-ex5[1])

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