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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SIFMA Identifies Dodd-Frank Priorities

In a speech before the National Economists Club, SIFMA President and CEO Tim Ryan identified the organization's priorities in implementing Dodd-Frank:

To be most effective, SIFMA is focusing primarily on seven areas:

· systemic risk, specifically the new Financial Stability Oversight Counsel and its research arm the Office of Financial Research;

· resolution authority and living wills;

· oversight of the over-the-counter derivatives market;

· securitization and the credit rating agencies;

· capital and liquidity standards via Basel and Dodd-Frank;

· the future of proprietary trading and private equity under what’s come to be known as the Volcker Rule; and

· the creation of a federal fiduciary standard for investment advisors and broker/dealers who provide personalized investment advice to retail investors.

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