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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Call for Papers -- Law, Entrepreneurship & Economic Recovery



Fall 2009 Symposium Issue


The UMKC Law Review, published by the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, is calling for papers by legal scholars addressing the potential for law and legal education to promote entrepreneurship and innovation and facilitate economic recovery and growth.  Articles and essays accepted for publication will appear in the Fall 2009 Law, Entrepreneurship & Economic Recovery issue of the Law Review.

Suitable topics for this symposium issue would include critical analysis of the role of laws generally, or of particular laws, in either supporting or inhibiting the opportunity identification, creativity and business models that fuel successful entrepreneurial ventures; proposals for legal reforms to foster the generation of new ideas and inventions and to provide viable paths and regulatory climates for the commercialization of innovations; and ways in which law schools can improve the education of law students to better position them to become lawyers who are effective and valuable contributors to the success of entrepreneurial endeavors.

Submissions should be made by August 1, 2009.  We welcome both articles (under 25,000 words) and essays (10,000-15,000 words). I am the coordinator of the Symposium, and you may contact me at the address below if you are interested in writing a topical article or essay.

   Professor Anthony Luppino
    UMKC School of Law
    500 E. 52nd St.
    Kansas City, Missouri  64110
    e-mail: [email protected]
    phone: 816-235-6165

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