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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SEC Approves New Auditing Standard

The SEC today voted unanimously in favor of a new auditing standard and other measures to increase the accuracy of financial reports while reducing unnecessary costs, especially for smaller public companies.  The Commission expects the new auditing standard, in combination with the Commission's new management guidance, will make Section 404 audits and management evaluations more risk-based and scalable to company size and complexity.

"In approving Auditing Standard No. 5, the Commission has strengthened investor protection by refocusing resources on what truly matters to the integrity of financial statements. This is an exceptionally positive step for both investors and for America's capital markets," said SEC Chairman Christopher Cox. "This standard and the Commission's interpretive guidance for management represent the culmination of two years' work by the Commission and the PCAOB and our respective staffs to make the implementation of Section 404 more effective and efficient. I want to thank everyone involved for their hard work in responding to and addressing the concerns created by the unduly expensive and inefficient Auditing Standard No. 2."

The full text will be published soon on the SEC's website.

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