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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Agenda for SEC July 25 Open Meeting

Agenda for SEC Open Meeting -- Wednesday,  July 25:

     1. The Commission will consider whether  to  approve  the  Public Company Accounting Oversight Board's Auditing Standard No. 5,  An Audit of  Internal  Control  Over  Financial  Reporting  that  is Integrated with an  Audit  of  Financial  Statements,  a  Related Independence Rule 3525, and Conforming Amendments.

     2. The Commission will consider whether to adopt rule  amendments to Exchange Act Rule 12b-2 and Rule 1-02  of  Regulation  S-X  to define the term "significant deficiency."

     3. The Commission will consider  whether  to  publish  a  Concept Release to  solicit  public  comment  on  allowing  U.S  issuers, including investment companies subject to the Investment  Company Act of 1940, to prepare financial statements in  accordance  with International  Financial  Reporting  Standards  as  published  in English by  the  International  Accounting  Standards  Board  for purposes  of  complying   with   the   Commission's   rules   and regulations.

     4. The Commission will consider whether to propose amendments  to the proxy rules under the Securities Exchange  Act  of  1934  for operating  and   investment   companies   regarding   shareholder proposals, disclosure about shareholder  proponents,  shareholder communications, and related matters.

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