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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Former Enron Treasurer's Out of Prison

Ben Glisan, former Enron treasurer, has completed his three-year prison term, and WSJ describes his experience there and publishes excerpts from his interview.  See WSJ, 'Benron' Behind Bars.

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In regards to this article. I wouldn't wish prison on anyone either, but hopefully what this man saw in the few years will get him to speak up for all the other people that are incarcerated. No one notices it until you are a professional with money or someone in politics. Three years probably seemed like an eternity to this man, but I know several men that have been in Solitary confinement for over 25 years. My husband has been in the Pelican Bay SHU for 9 years nows and he still has a little over 3 years to do, that's if they don't add on more time for looking at the guard the wrong way or for getting written up for things you didn't even do. You are in solitary confinement 23/7 or so they say, but they don't get out for a hour every day. They don't have a cell mate, so there's no one to talk to and most of the guys in the Pelican Bay SHU are from, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside or San Bernardino county. Their families are poor, so probably 90% of them never get a visit or rarely get a letter. I could go on for days with how bad prison is, but I had to respond to your article, in hopes that this experience will get you involved helping us less fortunate educate the public/taxpayers on how really horrible it is in prison. Thank you for your story.

Posted by: Angel Espudo | Apr 23, 2007 2:00:20 PM

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