Sunday, November 19, 2017

Tech Companies Get High Marks for Covering Infertility Treatments

New York Times (Nov. 15, 2017): Tech Companies Get High Marks for Covering Infertility Treatments, by Ann Carrns:

With demand for techniques like in vitro fertilization on the rise, information about the insurance coverage available in the workplace becomes more critical.  Given that a cycle of in vitro fertilization (IVF) can cost in excess of $20,000 in some instances and that multiple cycles are often required before success is achieved, most companies provide their workers with minimal or no coverage for infertility treatments.  A new survey of 250 large employers reveals that companies in the technology, consulting and banking sectors offer generous coverage for costly assisted reproduction procedures.  Facebook, for example, covers four cycles of IVF and genetic counseling, a $100,000 value. 

The survey, compiled and published by FertilityIQ, ranks employers in areas including the value of the benefits offered and whether preauthorization rules block access to single women or same-sex couples.  Microsoft, for example, requires no such preauthorization. 

Companies that offer generous benefits for infertility treatment describe themselves as family friendly.  The bottom line, however, is a desire to recruit and retain talented employees.

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