Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Abortion rights groups sue Texas over procedure ban

The Texas Tribune (July 20, 2017): Abortion rights groups sue Texas over procedure ban, by Marissa Evans

The Center for Reproductive Rights and Planned Parenthood announced last week their decision to sue the state of Texas for a provision in Texas' Senate Bill 8 which is set to go into effect this September. This bill will ban dilation and evacuation abortions, a procedure in which doctors use instruments to remove fetal tissue. The procedure would only be permitted if the fetus is already dead.

Medical professionals state that the dilation and evacuation technique is the safest way to perform an abortion. However, abortion opponents argue that the procedure is inhumane. Similar laws in other states have already been stopped by the courts. This will be the third time this year that Texas will have to defend its abortion laws in court.

Despite the Supreme Court's decision in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt which last year held multiple Texas abortion policies unconstitutional, Texas continues to pass anti-abortion bills. The Texas governor, Greg Abbott, has put several abortion bills on the docket for the special session which started on July 18th.

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