Monday, November 14, 2016

Should Young Women Sell Their Eggs?

New York Times (Oct. 20, 2016): Should Young Women Sell Their Eggs?, by Donna de la Cruz:

The difficulty of donating eggs cannot be underestimated.  Donors are scrutinized for their looks, mental health and academic prowess and must undergo painful injections and egg extraction.  There is a catalog of short-term risks ranging from vaginal dryness to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, but the long-term risks are largely unknown, though infertility and cancer are feared.  Research is scant, though some donors do report their own struggle with infertility after donating their eggs to others.  Reactions to the procedure are mixed, with about half of donors reporting in one small study that they regret having had the procedure.  Feminists are also of different opinions about egg donation.  One view holds that women should be able to sell their eggs because “'[t]here are a lot of things people are allowed to do with their bodies for money that are risky: pro sports for example, being a firefighter.'”  Others feel that egg donation is simply another iteration of the exploitation of women's bodies.  

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