Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Poland's abortion ban proposal near collapse after mass protests

The Guardian (October 5, 2016): Poland's abortion ban proposal near collapse after mass protests, by Christian Davies:

The outpouring of opposition to Poland's proposed abortion ban on Monday appears to have made an impact.  According to The Guardian's Christian Davies:

A controversial proposal to ban abortion in Poland appears to have collapsed after senior politicians from the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) backed away from it after a parliamentary committee urged MPs to vote it down following mass protests.

The justice and human rights committee, which reviews proposed legislation, recommended that parliament reject the bill following a wave of protests earlier in the week that appear to have caught the rightwing government off guard.

In a humiliating climbdown, PiS members who had referred the legislation to the committee less than two weeks ago threw it out.

The protest appears to have galvanized opposition to the ban "with recent polls suggesting not only near-overwhelming opposition to the proposed ban, but increasing support for the liberalisation of existing laws."  Poll also indicate that support of the government has dropped to its lowest levels since last year's elections.

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