Friday, October 28, 2016

Can Women Be Trusted on Abortion? The Running Mates Weigh In

New York Times (Oct. 5, 2016): Can Women Be Trusted on Abortion?  Two Men Weigh In, by Katha Pollitt: 

The vice-presidential debates may seem a dim memory, but as the election approaches, we do well to remember the drastically opposed positions the vice-presidential candidates presented in their lone debate.  Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's running mate, despite whatever personal religious convictions he may hold, believes a woman has the right to choose.  Mike Pence is an unapologetic opponent of abortion.  Donald Trump has also taken up the pro-life standard in a move that has guaranteed the Republican party broad support among Christian conservatives in this election.  

While Kaine wants to make a distinction between personal religious beliefs and the rule of law, Pence is determined to make religious convictions a central and dominating factor in any policy discussion relating to access to abortion.  Kaine believes in trusting women; Pence puts his money where his mouth is, funneling millions of taxpayer dollars to pregnancy crisis centers that bully women out of choosing abortion with intimidation, deception and religious proselytizing.  Moreover, Pence is as rabidly anti-abortion as anyone in American politics today.  As Indiana governor, he has signed laws to ban abortion for fetal disability and to mandate the cremation or burial of aborted embryos and fetuses.  He was determined to drive Planned Parenthood out of business and faced legitimate criticism for the corresponding rise in rates of H.I.V. infection in Indiana.  He led the charge to shut down the federal government over funding for Planned Parenthood in 2011.  Pence created the toxic environment for reproductive rights that allowed the conviction and sentencing of Purvi Patel to twenty years in prison for feticide.

The choice is clear: either we elect a candidate whose running mate supports the separation of church and state or one whose running mate wants the church to be the state.

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