Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Obama Moves to Protect Planned Parenthood Funding, Permenantly

Huffington Post (Sept. 9, 2016): Obama Moves To Protect Planned Parenthood Funding, Permanently, by Laura Bassett:

The Obama administration is proposing a new Health and Human Services Regulation, which provides that states cannot withhold Title X federal family planning money for any reason other than the provider's "ability to deliver services to program beneficiaries in an effective manner."  This would prohibit states from defunding Planned Parenthood because some if its clinics also provide abortions.

Title X is already limited to the provision of preventative health care and family planning and cannot be used for abortions.  Still, politicians in 11 states have proposed blocking funds to Planned Parenthood because it also provides abortions.  Currently, Planned Parenthood serves about a third of  Title X recipients, who are low income women - 85% of Title X recipients have incomes below $23,500.  Title X funds are used to subsidize contraceptives and cancer and sexually transmitted disease screenings,


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